• Penn Fencing and the PA1Call System

    Penn Fencing and the PA1Call System

Why must we contact Pa1Call?
Penn Fencing installs hundreds of fences every year. For every installation, we are required by Pennsylvania State law, and compelled by common sense, to contact Pa1Call and notify the owners of underground utilities of our intent to dig. Penn Fencing must provide 3 business days (not including weekends or holidays) notice before we begin to dig.

Notifying the utilities of our intent to dig with power equipment protects both property owner and Penn Fencing from any potential liability issues, prevents damage to property and equipment, avoids environmental damage, and most importantly, protects from possible life threatening injury. In order for the utility owners to accurately mark the locations of underground utilities, accurate information must be provided indicating the location of where we intend to dig.

What information is required from the property owner?
First, it is important for the property owner to determine exactly where on the property the fence is to be installed. This allows both Penn Fencing and utility owner to compare the work location to the location of underground utilities and make sure that the area is safe to dig.

Secondly, it is important that the property owner provide Penn Fencing with the county, municipality and address where the work will take place. This information is passed along to the utility owners allows them to locate the property and make accurate markings.

How are utilities marked?
Each utility owner will mark the location of underground lines with either temporary color coded marking paint or colored marking flags. Power lines are marked in red. Gas, oil, steam or petroleum are marked with yellow. Communication lines are marked with orange. Blue indicates potable water. Purple is used for reclaimed water or irrigation and green indicates sewer lines.

IMPORTANT! Private underground lines are not marked. It is the responsibility of the property owner to mark underground power, communication, water or gas lines. This is especially common for home owners having fencing installed around swimming pools. Contractors are not responsible for damaging unmarked privately owned underground utilities.

As our regional landscape undergoes rapid changes due to gas drilling and related construction, it is more important than ever that we do our part to make sure that projects are completed safely.

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