• Penn Fencing Supports Eagle Scout Project

    Penn Fencing Supports Eagle Scout Project

Millvale Gets Its First Public Library

The town of Millvale, PA, never had a library until, after more than five years of volunteer efforts and fundraising, there was a grand opening ceremony at its new Grant Avenue facility on August 18, 2013. The effort was conceived and led by a local middle school teacher, Brian Wolovich, who was one of six finalists for a 2013 Jefferson Award for Public Service in the Pittsburgh area.

Eagle Scout candidate Luke Nugent of Allison Park, PA, knew Wolovich because his youth group met at the future library and helped with projects such as deck building.

"Brian kept a list of improvements that needed to be made," said Nugent. "When I was ready to do my Eagle project, there were two or three improvements I could have chosen."

nantucket trellis

But the one he chose involved demanding repairs to the bridge over the stream behind the library and the protective fence that surrounds it. "The fence is there for safety," he said, "but the chain link was rusted and full of holes. It could harm somebody if they brushed by. The bridge lumber was rough and in bad shape.

trellis underdeck

"Penn Fencing was pretty great to me," said Nugent. "They donated 66' of 6' aluminum chain link fence, brackets and top rails. The posts were stable, so we decided we could save them. We sanded and painted them and then the team from Penn Fencing took over. It worked out really well." (See photo on the right where a Penn Fencing team member is installing fence around the upgraded bridge.)

Nugent, who recently turned 18, is looking forward to completing all the requirements for Eagle in the fall of 2013 and celebrating with an Eagle ceremony soon thereafter.

"It was a pleasure to be part of two positive community efforts," said Penn Fencing president Chad Galbreath. "We congratulate the Millvale Community Library volunteers on their remarkable project and we look forward to learning that Luke Nugent has received his Eagle award."

In the past year, Penn Fencing has supported other Eagle Scouts with materials, labor and advice. "The Eagle program is a wonderful way for young men to learn how to lead projects and make positive changes in their communities," said Galbreath.

Learn more about the Millvale Library: www.MillvaleLibrary.org

The new fence encompasses the rain garden behind the Millvale Community Library, another volunteer effort.

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