• Key Advantages of American-Made Vinyl over Imported Vinyl

    Key Advantages of American-Made
    Vinyl over Imported Vinyl

The American homeowner is faced with a variety of options for fencing products and materials. One choice, vinyl, offers consumers versatility and durability in outdoor fence, railing and decking. Penn Fencing would like you to understand the benefits of buying American-made vinyl fencing and railing like the products we fabricate and sell. There are significant differences between the formulation and composition of vinyl that is manufactured overseas and imported to the U.S.A., and vinyl manufactured domestically in the United States.

Imported vinyl may exceed acceptable levels of harmful elements such as lead, or it may not have enough of the good chemical makeup such as the correct mixture of UV stabilizers which keeps it from deteriorating in sun exposure, and impact modifiers which keeps it from becoming brittle and shattering upon impact.

Made in USA

Some foreign countries still use child labor in order to overcome the high costs of freight, handling, and tariffs at the docks. The lower cost of manufacturing attained by using cheap labor and lower manufacturing standards is not really passed on to you, the consumer. Most of the savings typically benefits the freighter delivering the material, the government for tariffs, or the broker that negotiates the deal between the plant and the U.S. buyer.

When contractors buy foreign vinyl products and there is a problem, the consumer is often left “holding the bag”. In many cases the contractor will not support you the way they should because there is no recourse against the foreign manufacturer. Without your contractors support you are really facing an uphill battle. In this country you have legal rights and actions you can take to protect yourself that may not apply outside of the U.S. That’s why it is so important to hire a good reputable contractor that will install and guarantee good quality products.

All American made vinyl must meet certain requirements or standards to ensure durability and resiliency against the elements such as wall thickness and chemical makeup. American made material is formulated to protect against warping and yellowing to assure longevity, safety, and to protect the consumer from exposure to bad chemicals. Only American-made vinyl has been proven to offer consistent durability and resistance to weathering in every climate and area in the United States, because it is manufactured according to high domestic standards of performance.

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