• The Benefits of Terminal Pick-up Shipping

    The Benefits of Terminal Pick-up Shipping

Your order is in, but now comes the hard part: getting it to you. For some locations, it’s not easy. Even though most of our online items are easily shipped in small packages, it’s transporting the big stuff that is more diffcult. Tractor trailers have a hard time navigating along winding back roads, sharp turns, intersections and narrow streets. The cost of delivery via freight carrier can be significantly higher than other types of shipping. So while door-to-door delivery is convenient and easy on your part, if you’re seeking to reduce the shipping cost and delivery time, for your online order, Penn Fencing now offers freight terminal pick-up. You can find it as a selectable option in our shipping calculator for online orders.

Typical terminal pick-up rates range from $85-$125, while residential freight delivery for both fence and railing will cost around $250 and up. That’s more than 50% off and just requires you to drive your appropriately sized vehicle to the nearest shipping terminal or service center in your area. As Penn Fencing’s most frequent freight carrier, Central Transport provides direct service to 98% of North America’s major manufacturing areas. Check Central Transport’s website to find the closest terminal to you.

When shipping with UPS, expect charges of around $25-$30 for one large package delivered to a residence. Once you reach 3-4 large boxes or more for your fence and railing order, the cost can be more than freight to terminal. Carriers consider the weight, dimensions, and access to a fork lift before charging you for delivery. Unless you have a fork lift, the carrier will need to bring a lift gate, which also means additional cost.

If you are considering a material order from Penn Fence, consider the freight to terminal option for an inexpensive and efficient delivery method. Please also view more information on shipping from Penn Fencing.

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