• Pittsburgh Fence Safety


    Safety is our top priority within our company. Working safely helps ensure the work
    we do is done correctly, and also makes sure every employee coming to a job site leaves
    the job site safely and healthy. At Penn Fencing, we believe our employees are our most
    vital asset, and we’re dedicated to helping them stay safe and healthy.
Pittsburgh Fence Safety Training

We have teamed with Lancaster Safety Consulting, Inc. to make sure our entire company is safe. We have partnered to create customized safety programs and to help ensure we’re complying with all the applicable OSHA regulations. Our employees have completed safety and health trainings with an understanding that a strong safety program involves total management, leadership, and employee involvement.

When you choose to team up with Penn Fencing for new exterior details for your home, you can be confident that you are choosing a company that cares about keeping your family and our employees’ safe while working on the job site.

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