• Lighting Design Options

    Lighting Design Options

Summer is winding down, in its last days this month, and soon will be replaced by the cool weather of fall. Take advantage of those warm evenings and nights while you still can by transforming your outdoor living space with deck, patio, and fence lighting. Entertain family and friends long after the sun sets with the beautiful ambience of our low voltage and solar light post caps. Light post caps create the perfect atmosphere for an outdoor party or a romantic evening around the patio or pool. There are tons of options: select from a wide variety of styles, colors, and functions to suit your personal preference and needs.

Solar lighted caps avoid the hassle of wiring and use the environmentally-friendly and renewable resource of sunlight to charge batteries. The LED lights powered by solar energy provide soft light after dark equivalent to the amount of time the post cap had in direct sunlight during the day. These batteries last for years on the power of the sun. Available in four styles, three colors of vinyl, and six designer powder coat finishes. While the solar post caps are great, they rely on the sun for power (6-8 hours of direct sunlight per day) so on days of bad weather like overcast skies, your deck may not have that peaceful glow when the sun sets. This also makes solar lighted caps great for illuminating areas where power is inaccessible. Learn more about solar post caps.

Low voltage lights are highly energy-efficient, low-maintenance lights that operate at 12 volts, making them safe to work with and easy to install. The low voltage post caps are available in four styles, three standard vinyl colors, and six powder design coat finishes. This option is more reliable, depending on a wired power source, so if safety is a large concern or you will be relying on the light of the post caps to navigate your garden or entrance way, the low voltage post cap lights are for you. Adding low voltage stair lights creates a soft, guiding glow up your deck’s stairways for added safety and appealing aesthetic at night that can be customized with timers and motion sensors. Learn more about low voltage lights.

Outdoor lighting has a huge impact on highlighting the beauty of your home and also creates a welcoming atmosphere for your guests. For more information about what lighting may be perfect for you, please visit our post caps page.

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