• Comparing Vinyl Post Caps

    Comparing Vinyl Post Caps

When installing a vinyl fence or railing system, the choice of post caps can provide the finishing touch of style. Penn Fencing offers three basic types of caps, all-vinyl, solar lighted and low voltage lighted, each with many shapes and colors to choose from.

Vinyl post caps

Vinyl Post Caps
All-vinyl (non-lighted) post caps are manufactured in the USA and carry a lifetime warranty. They are made of certifiable virgin vinyl resin, which means you can depend on the strength and durability of the product. We stock and offer caps online in 4 styles and many others are available by special order. The caps are available in 3 standard vinyl colors as well as 6 powder coat finishes and 2 metallic finishes. The powder coat and metallic finishes carry a 20 year warranty and will not tarnish like stamped metal caps.

Solar Lights

Solar Lights
Solar lighted caps require no wiring and use the sun to charge batteries during daylight hours, and the re chargeable batteries power LED lights to provide soft ambient light after dark. Typically, the duration of light provided after dark is equal to the duration of direct sunlight during the day. The rechargeable batteries can last for years if light conditions are right, but eventually they will need to be replaced. Replacement batteries are readily available at hardware and home improvements stores. Solar lights are available in 4 styles, 3 standard vinyl colors and 6 designer powder coat finishes.

Low Voltage Lights

Low Voltage Lights
Low voltage lights are hard wired systems allowing you to control the lighting, turning it on when you need it and off when you don’t. They require only a traditional 110V outlet, wire and transformer. They are safe and easy to install, requiring no electrician, and carry a 5 year warranty. Low voltage lights are available in 4 styles, 3 standard vinyl colors and 6 designer powder coat finishes. Low voltage lights are able to provide more ambient light and do not rely on the sun. This can be especially helpful in areas like entrance ways where reliable lighting can provide safety and beauty.

All three types of caps are available in 4", 5" and 6" sizes to fit most vinyl fences and railings. Some are also available, by special order, in sizes to fit wooden posts.

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