• Vinyl Column Wraps or Sleeves

    Vinyl Column Wraps or Sleeves

Porch Column Wraps or Vinyl Sleeves: Which Solution is Right for My Project?

The porch on your home makes a statement about your home. The most visible and structurally important part of your porch is the roof column. Why struggle every year with porch columns that require scraping, painting and repairing the damage caused by wood decay. Vinyl porch column wraps or sleeves can end the annual cycle of maintenance of your porch columns and add low maintenance, eye catching appeal to your home.

So what is the difference between a vinyl column wrap and a column sleeve? And, which one is best for your project?

Vinyl Column Wrap

Vinyl Column Wraps
If your existing porch roof column is still structurally sound but needs a long term cosmetic overhaul, consider a porch column wrap. A column wrap is a four piece system that snaps in place around the existing column. Installation is simple. Often, the only tool needed is a saw to cut the wrap to its final length. After cutting, the installation is completed by simply snapping each of the four pieces into the next at each corner of the post. Installation can be completed by one person, but another set of hands may make the installation even quicker and easier.

And, new for 2017 is the Versawrap Column wrap from Versatex. Versawrap is solid vinyl wrap that offers a a finish more like that of real wood. Available is full ine of trim accessories and caps.

Vinyl Column Sleeves

Vinyl Column Sleeves
If your columns are in need of structural repair, are being completely replaced, or are being added to your porch for the first time, vinyl porch column sleeves are the answer. Column sleeves are a solid, one piece sleeve that can slide over a wooden or metal structural core to provide a durable, long lasting exterior finish that requires virtually no maintenance. Vinyl sleeves are a heavy grade material designed to withstand the elements for a lifetime.

Vinyl wraps and sleeves available from Penn Fencing are made from one hundred percent virgin vinyl, carry a lifetime warrantee and are made in the United States. Vinyl does not peel or flake. Vinyl never needs painting. The only maintenance that may be required for vinyl post column sleeves and wraps is an occasional cleaning with a mild detergent. So, whether your porch columns need major structural repairs or a simple make-over, vinyl porch column sleeves and wraps are a cost effective, low maintenance solution to the statement area of your home.

Column wraps and sleeves can be combined on the same project. Both wraps and sleeves can be shipped from our warehouse to your project location. We now offer the option to ship to a freight terminal for local pickup. With the freight terminal pickup option, longer 10' items can be shipped at a much lower cost than shipping freight direct to a residence. Simply add your material to the shopping cart and use our built in shipping calculator to see the best rates.

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