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VersaWrap Base Cap Moulding Kit - 4" (White)
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"I found the product to be very user friendly , everything fit very well and the installation went flawlessly ."
- Richard (not verified)
"Like the base product I bought it's not for a 4x4 post. It's too big. It measures 4 1/2 inches I.D. when put together. The finish is also matte. You'll need to spray it if you want it to match. Total disappointment. I wouldn't recommend it. Penn fencing was great with the shipping though. 3day delivery. That was great...but the products aren't."
- Anthony Ginaldi (not verified)
"The product does not fit a standard 4x4 post. Its billed out as 4x4. It's actually 4 1/2 I.D. when closed. That left me nearly a full inch or 5/8 on all sides to fill on the standard 4x4 posts on the market. The finish on the product is not smooth. It does not come close to anything in the market like Veranda. I was totally disappointed with the product as whole. I had to make filler just to get it fit. Now I have to spray it to match the post wrap. Same issue with the trim rings. I'd give it no stars. Penn Fencing did a great job on shipping with a 3 day delivery but the product stinks."
- Anthony Ginaldi (not verified)